Iva Mozgová Lab

Epigenetic mechanisms underlie plant responses to environmental conditions – the more stable responses including cell fate modulation and developmental response as well as the rapid short-duration acclimation responses to environmental conditions. We are interested in the Polycomb repressive complexes (PRCs) – the evolutionarily conserved histone-modifying protein complexes that govern developmental phase transitions by repressing genes that are not needed at a given time in a given cell. Our main focus is the developmental and metabolic transition that occurs during seed germination in flowering plants and the role of the PRCs in maintaining cell identity and adequate responses to ambient conditions.

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If you are interested in joining the lab as MSc/PhD student or postdoc, feel free to send your motivation letter and CV even without advertised position openings!


We take part in

  • 11/2017 – 11/2021 COST Action CA16212 Impact of Nuclear Domains On Gene Expression and Plant Traits (INDEPTH)